Friday, 9 March 2018

Winter Service - Fuel

The last weekend of February was very cold with an easterly wind blowing however, Wye Invader Two had her engine and stern covered with a large tarpaulin, the sun was shining and out of the wind it was almost Spring. The list of Winter service items to do would not do themselves and hopefully Summer is not that far away, so we made a start on the fuel system.

1. The first item in the fuel supply line and often forgotten is the fuel water separator, it does the job or separating any water that has found it's way into your fuel tank from the fuel. We removed the base, cleaned it, resealed it and refilled with fuel.

2. 2 fuel pipes and 1 leak off pipe from the injectors to return surplus fuel. These were replaced with new items and were also the correct Fire Resistant Fuel Pipes Spec.

3. The fuel filter was replaced and then filled with injector cleaning fluid to improve starting and performance in general.

4. We bled the fuel system and started the engine to check for fuel leaks and engine performance in general.

Job done!

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