Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Lydbrook Junction Bridge

Friday 27 Oct 1989 1530 hrs.

We were about 250 metres downstream of the old Wire Works Factory on the starboard bank side of the River Wye, as the bridge came into view we had sight of the centre arch supported by 4 cast iron cylinders, the centre arch is almost 23 metres across.

The bridge crosses the Wye as the river bends to the right on the upstream side, the floodwater coming downstream hit the left bank and was forced across the upstream side of the bridge, because of this and the length of Wye invader we kept to the Port side and let the current assist in turning us into the bend. As we passed under the bridge there were people on the walkway above us so we said “Good afternoon” to them, it’s was now 1545 hours, as the Stern cleared the top side of the centre arch and bridge.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Wye Invader Two 2018 Winter maintenance

As 2017 came to an end, Wye Invader Two was lifted out onto hard standing for the Winter. 2017 was a busy year, out from Sharpness most weekends she travelled as far North as Upton on Severn and then Stourport, East as far as Hanham Lock via Bristol and she had several trips up the River Wye to Brockweir, unfortunately a planned trip as far as Monmouth on the River Wye was postponed at the last minute due to low water levels and inclement weather.It's now time to look at winter maintenance and we've got the following list:

  • Replace diesel fuel pipes into fuel filter

  • Replace fuel filter

  • Refill with Injector cleaner and clean diesel fuel

  • Change engine oil filter and oil

  • Replace injector leak off pipe

  • Pressure wash outside hull, check last year's KeelBlack

  • Weed hatch, remove all loose rust and old bitumen repaint with KeelBlack

  • Clean engine bay and repaint

  • Replace bilge pump