Monday, 12 June 2017

Test run Sharpness to Gloucester and back (32 Miles)

On Wednesday 7th June, Narrow Boat WyeInvader Two was put back on to the Sharpness Canal after spending the last seven months on hard standing along side the dry dock in Sharpness. This last weekend was the first chance we had to do a test to check it out, with a run to Gloucester Docks and return to Sharpness, a total distance of 32 miles. We left Sharpness at 1200hrs on Friday, the weather on the way up to Gloucester was rain showers with gusts of wind up to about 20mph, the wind was from the West and behind us. Our first stop was Saul Junction at 1420hrs, to fuel up and then on to Gloucester where we arrived at 1730hrs.

Moored in Gloucester Docks
Leaving Gloucester Docks
Later that night it started to rain, it was heavy and stopped at about 0100hrs. Just before we left to return to Sharpness at 0930hrs, we noticed that two of the boat windows had water leaking from the bottom of the frame, this was found to be water finding its way round the glass between the seal and we resealed these later that afternoon back at Sharpness. On the return trip to Sharpness we only came across three other boats, the wind was still from the West and a lot stronger. We got back to our mooring in Sharpness at 1430 hrs, the engine was fine and the only thing that I will change is the fan belt as it's now 3 years old and getting worn. So in all, a good ’shakedown’ run for WyeInvader Two following all the work we’ve done over the winter period.

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