Tuesday, 9 May 2017


When WyeInvader Two was purchased 3 years ago, I did a quick colour change from red and yellow to dark blue and this was carried out in Sharpness on the dockside over a 3 day period, at the time I did find half the windows had rust stains round the frames so when WyeInvader Two was lifted out for the Winter 2016-17, this was one of the items that were listed as jobs to be sorted.


With all of the other jobs finished we made a start on the window frames on Thursday 4 May. Over the weekend the windows were removed, the wooden frames on the inside were also lifted out to give access to the inside part of the window frame to assist in their removal along with all the screws. 3 of the windows almost fell out the rest had to be cut out as they had been fixed in with mastic.

With the frames removed the insides of the windows were masked to keep dust to a minimum. All the rust was ground out and filled with body filler then primed with a black primer to assist with repainting the sides later when the weather gets a little warmer.


It’s always interesting to see what else is going on at Sharpness dock when we’re there, this weekend WyeInvader’s next door neighbour for the winter “Marjory” was lifted back in after a service and the famous MV Balmoral from Bristol was in dry dock.




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