Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The work goes on

We are  now almost at the end of March, Summer is just round the corner and we still had a list of jobs to do in between the rain and high winds. This Saturday we got 3 of them out of the way.

First, we replaced the fuel filter, then the fuel water separator and fuel tank was drained of a small amount of water, better safe than sorry!

Then the engine oil was replaced and oil filter changed, we used a pump to empty the contents of the engine sump. The engine was started and run for a few minutes then the oil level checked with the dipstick before a final top up.

The gas heater was serviced a few weeks ago and I took the opportunity to replace the 4 flexible gas pipes from the bottles to the metal pipes in the gas locker.


With Wye Invader Two currently out of the water at Sharpness Dock, working on her most weekends we get to see some interesting vessels arrive for maintenance.  This weekend "Pelican of London" a sail training ship and former Arctic trawler, originally built in 1948 was in at Sharpness, for more info see 

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