Tuesday, 29 May 2018

New Video

After 5 months on hard standing for an engine out winter maintenance schedule, Wye Invader Two went back in the water in the second week of May. A ’shakedown’ run was arranged to Tewkesbury for the following weekend.

Due to poor weather conditions no video was taken on the ‘up’ run, on the return run it was suggested to do another video of Gloucester to Sharpness along the beautiful Sharpness Canal in the Spring sunshine along with a ‘live’ skippers commentary. No problems were encountered with Wye Invader Two following her extensive winter maintenance and she ran well on both the up and down trip.

Click the image to view on YouTube

Saturday, 12 May 2018

and we're back in the water - 2018!

On the last weekend of April we sanded off the roof ready to be repainted with Anti-Slip paint. The following day we wiped off the condensation and then wiped down with spirit wipe before repainting with Mid Grey Anti Slip paint.

The following weekend it was time to check the engine, it started and was left to come up to temperature, then we changed the oil and the two oil filters, one on the engine and one more off to one side called a Clean Oil Filter which removes condensation and carbon. We also changed the gearbox oil with fresh 15/45 Mineral oil.

On Friday 11th May the HGV and crane arrived, Wye Invader Two was transported a few hundred metres to the canal and lowered into the water, after checking for leaks we left the docks when the bridge was opened up to the Sharpness Canal and we’re already for another season.


Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Wilton Bridge, Ross on Wye

For the past few days it had been raining in Wales, the river had started to rise, we now had enough depth of water at Wilton Bridge to float the Wye Invader, we removed the wheelhouse cabin because there would not be sufficient clearance. Wye Invader’s air draft without the cabin is 3 metres and we were all most there. The only other option was the arch nearest to Wilton but that was full of trees which only left the centre arch and what what made it more difficult was the bridge is skew and not at right angles across the river.

As I lined up the Wye Invader, her beam was just over 5 metres, and her length 38 metres in front of the ships wheel, the arch is between 7 or nearly 8 metres wide. The starboard forward bow had to be almost touching the bridge on the starboard side as we exited the bridge, the port side of the Wye Invader had to be as close to the downstream side as we entered the bridge arch.

As the bow cleared the upstream side of the bridge, the river current started to push the starboard bow to port, the wheelhouse was soon clear of the bridge arch. The river was fairly wide at this point and Wye Invader cleared the bridge upstream by about 75 metres, with the bow sat on the bank, so we passed through and under the most difficult bridge on the river with no bow thruster and no damage to crew, bridge or Wye Invader!


Monday, 23 April 2018

Nearly finished...!

Most of the list of Winter maintenance jobs are nearly finished and we're now looking to be back in the water around the 1st of May.

Latest work includes:

Sunday 15th April
Pressure wash the Wye Invader hull, refresh with Keel Black and remove weed hatch top to gain access and remove all the rust and old bitumen not removed last year. 

Friday 20th April
10.00am - Repaint hull with Keel Black, first coat time taken about 1hr 30 mins.
14.00pm - 2nd coat applied
16.00pm - Checked all the  coolant hoses and refilled the engine and swim tanks with anti-freeze, then started the engine and then run the engine up to temp, cleared the air locks out of the system and checked for leaks.
Saturday 21st April
10.00am - 3rd coat Keel Black applied.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The engine goes back in!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in between the good and the bad weather!

Friday 23rd March. Clean Engine Bay floor areas after grinding and sanding. Paint with Fertan Rust Converter to leave the surface ready for paint.

Saturday 31st March. ‘Wet’ flat all painted areas and wipe with panel wipe to remove the grease and damp because of low outside temperatures, paint with grey bilge paint then cover and leave to dry for a few days.

Friday 6th April. Repack Stern tube with fresh gland packing.

Saturday 7th April. Refit engine, replace the 2 forward engine mountings, 2 water (coolant hoses) from the engine to water expansion pressure tank and 2 water pump (coolant hoses ) to hot water tank for domestic use.

Sunday 8th April. Refit gear selector cable and throttle control cable, then start the engine and bleed fuel system and check for fuel leaks. Job not yet finished, waiting for antifreeze and some water hoses.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Kerne Bridge

It was now 1715 hrs Wye Invader was about 300 metres downstream of Kerne Bridge, it was almost last light, we had just climbed the 2 metres up and over Lower Lydbrook weir, from this point on the River Wye gets narrower and we had another 2 metres of what remains of the Weir below Kerne Bridge to pass up and over. We were now 100 metres below the bridge, the river started to get wider and more shallow with trees in the middle to the Starboard bank. About 50 metres short of the Bridge you could just see the top of the Weir. It was at this point that we began to see the river bottom, we had just enough draft to clear the Weir and pass under and through the centre arch of the bridge, from this point on it was now dark, we used the large roof mounted spot lamp to illuminate the river bank to the port side and carry on to moor at Ross-on-Wye by Wilton Bridge later that evening.