Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Wye Invader Two Winter Maintenance 2018/9

29 October Wye Invader Two passes through the Sharpness Dock Bridge to join the queue waiting for lift out on to the hard standing.

14 November she’s lifted out on to hard standing.

List of Jobs for Winter period 2018/19

17th November - Pressure wash the hull - Done.

24th November - Cover the cabin with tarpaulins for paint work protection - Done.
Remove all the Bitumen below the water line.

Repaint using primer, a 2 pack etching primer then top coat, 2 pack colour - Black.

Fuel Filter change.

Engine Bay, Repaint a small area of rust on each side of the engine bay.

Oil and filter change and gear box oil change.

Rear Cabin door - repair or replace.


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