Saturday, 12 May 2018

and we're back in the water - 2018!

On the last weekend of April we sanded off the roof ready to be repainted with Anti-Slip paint. The following day we wiped off the condensation and then wiped down with spirit wipe before repainting with Mid Grey Anti Slip paint.

The following weekend it was time to check the engine, it started and was left to come up to temperature, then we changed the oil and the two oil filters, one on the engine and one more off to one side called a Clean Oil Filter which removes condensation and carbon. We also changed the gearbox oil with fresh 15/45 Mineral oil.

On Friday 11th May the HGV and crane arrived, Wye Invader Two was transported a few hundred metres to the canal and lowered into the water, after checking for leaks we left the docks when the bridge was opened up to the Sharpness Canal and we’re already for another season.


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