Tuesday, 10 April 2018

The engine goes back in!

It's been a busy couple of weeks in between the good and the bad weather!

Friday 23rd March. Clean Engine Bay floor areas after grinding and sanding. Paint with Fertan Rust Converter to leave the surface ready for paint.

Saturday 31st March. ‘Wet’ flat all painted areas and wipe with panel wipe to remove the grease and damp because of low outside temperatures, paint with grey bilge paint then cover and leave to dry for a few days.

Friday 6th April. Repack Stern tube with fresh gland packing.

Saturday 7th April. Refit engine, replace the 2 forward engine mountings, 2 water (coolant hoses) from the engine to water expansion pressure tank and 2 water pump (coolant hoses ) to hot water tank for domestic use.

Sunday 8th April. Refit gear selector cable and throttle control cable, then start the engine and bleed fuel system and check for fuel leaks. Job not yet finished, waiting for antifreeze and some water hoses.

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