Monday, 23 April 2018

Nearly finished...!

Most of the list of Winter maintenance jobs are nearly finished and we're now looking to be back in the water around the 1st of May.

Latest work includes:

Sunday 15th April
Pressure wash the Wye Invader hull, refresh with Keel Black and remove weed hatch top to gain access and remove all the rust and old bitumen not removed last year. 

Friday 20th April
10.00am - Repaint hull with Keel Black, first coat time taken about 1hr 30 mins.
14.00pm - 2nd coat applied
16.00pm - Checked all the  coolant hoses and refilled the engine and swim tanks with anti-freeze, then started the engine and then run the engine up to temp, cleared the air locks out of the system and checked for leaks.
Saturday 21st April
10.00am - 3rd coat Keel Black applied.

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