Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Kerne Bridge

It was now 1715 hrs Wye Invader was about 300 metres downstream of Kerne Bridge, it was almost last light, we had just climbed the 2 metres up and over Lower Lydbrook weir, from this point on the River Wye gets narrower and we had another 2 metres of what remains of the Weir below Kerne Bridge to pass up and over. We were now 100 metres below the bridge, the river started to get wider and more shallow with trees in the middle to the Starboard bank. About 50 metres short of the Bridge you could just see the top of the Weir. It was at this point that we began to see the river bottom, we had just enough draft to clear the Weir and pass under and through the centre arch of the bridge, from this point on it was now dark, we used the large roof mounted spot lamp to illuminate the river bank to the port side and carry on to moor at Ross-on-Wye by Wilton Bridge later that evening.

Sunday, 18 March 2018

Engine bay overhaul

Towards the end of February the fuel pipes and fuel filter were changed, we then made a start on the engine bay only to find the 2 forward engine mounts were well past their sell by date [probably the cause of some vibration in the videos - Dave, video editor!] . So we removed the engine and 2 hours later we had an empty engine bay and we then used a grinder with a 36 grit disc to remove all the paint and rust from the floor and sanding the inner sides of the hull before repainting.

Engine ready to lift out

The engine is out

It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Friday, 9 March 2018

Winter Service - Fuel

The last weekend of February was very cold with an easterly wind blowing however, Wye Invader Two had her engine and stern covered with a large tarpaulin, the sun was shining and out of the wind it was almost Spring. The list of Winter service items to do would not do themselves and hopefully Summer is not that far away, so we made a start on the fuel system.

1. The first item in the fuel supply line and often forgotten is the fuel water separator, it does the job or separating any water that has found it's way into your fuel tank from the fuel. We removed the base, cleaned it, resealed it and refilled with fuel.

2. 2 fuel pipes and 1 leak off pipe from the injectors to return surplus fuel. These were replaced with new items and were also the correct Fire Resistant Fuel Pipes Spec.

3. The fuel filter was replaced and then filled with injector cleaning fluid to improve starting and performance in general.

4. We bled the fuel system and started the engine to check for fuel leaks and engine performance in general.

Job done!