Thursday, 21 December 2017

A 'hairy' entry into Sharpness Docks.

Now on our YouTube page -


Wednesday 23rd return to Sharpness.
Weather, Wind from South West, 8 knots, sea state almost flat as the Tide and direction of Wind was the same, or almost. This was a high spring tide of over 9.5 Metres (31 feet) at Sharpness.

We left Portishead, and ‘Locked out’ at 0639, we passed under the new Severn Bridge at 0724 and the Old Severn Bridge at 0744, the last 10 miles into the entrance of Sharpness were completed in 1 hour and 16 mins. The full 20 or 21 miles were covered in 2hrs and 21 mins, for a 50 foot narrow boat that was the nearest thing you get to flying! The speed of a Spring Tide varies from hour to hour but I think the hour before the last hour is probably the fastest, and the last few minutes of the video bear that out!

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