Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Wye Invader Two crew photo competition

Wye Invader Two has been out again for a little trip, originally planning to go up the River Wye but due to low water levels the trip was cancelled early, however the crew had time for a few photo's - which one is your favourite?

Watch out for the video on YouTube coming soon - there's an entry to Sharpness Dock that'll leave you feeling seasick!
Sunset Sharpness marina

"Angel wings" at Portishead Lock

Sharpness Marina
Leaving Sharpness
Lumen - Flag - Antigua & Barbuda. 90x13m 
WyeInvader Two moored in Portishead
Severn Crossing with SARA base in background (far right)


  1. Love the photos! Especially the Angel Wings...

  2. Love the photos and videos. I think I've just seen you Wye Invader 2 at Chepstow. If you ever need crew let me know. Jim