Friday, 26 May 2017

New paint and nearly finished!

As the weather over the last 2 weeks improved, the showers and wind have calmed down and this has allowed us to finish removing the coach lines and the names off the sides.

The next step was to flat the top, sides and roof with a sander,  then we wet flatted the top and sides with 400 grit wet and dry paper using soapy water and dried the surfaces. The sides were then wiped clean with spirit to make sure they were clean before being sprayed at different times in between showers.

The roof was last and finished with rollers, used to apply a none slip paint in mid grey. All the walk on flat areas have had a repaint with none slip paint and the Bow and Stern have also had a repaint using a roller, finally the engine room and bilge have also been painted in mid grey.

We're very grateful to Border Automotive (Hereford branch) who supplied the paint used on Wyeinvader Two for all their help and assistance.

Wyeinvader Two should be back in the water by the 1st of June.


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