Tuesday, 23 August 2016

An American Connection in Tewksbury

It’s strange who you meet on our waterways. Wye Invader Two was on the River Avon in Tewksbury last week just past where you lock down onto the River Severn, just before the lock was the Narrowboat ‘Finnuala’. We pulled Wye Invader Two in to stop and top up our water tank, as ‘Finnuala’ passed us to enter the lock the gentleman at the helm asked if we were anything to do with the Wye Invader?

We explained Wye Invader was our previous vessel, and the American gentleman told us that he and his wife had previously owned a 25m Dutch barge but had now downsized to the boat they were on today and that they had watched all of our Wye Invader videos on YouTube, he went on to explain they spend 6 weeks of the year cruising our British waterways and were thrilled to meet the person who sailed the 38m Wye Invader both up and down the River Wye.


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