Tuesday, 31 May 2016

New throttle cable for Wye Invader Two

About three weeks ago Wye Invader Two was put in the Canal after 6 months of repairs, the first test run was to Saul Junction, about 14 miles in all, then back to Sharpness with no problems and all seemed to be fine.

The boat was secured at the mooring until the following weekend when, as normal I started the engine, I put the gear into position and moved slow astern, when the boat was clear of the mooring I couldn't increase the speed, all I could do was select forward and astern.

2 hours later and after removing the Morse gear controls, the problem turned out to be the accelerator cable not secured and touching the hot exhaust, melting the cable, it was 3 metres long and should have only been 2 metres long, so a new cable was ordered and fitted. 



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