Sunday, 1 November 2015

Song of the Paddle

Wye Invader at Symonds Yat in October 1989
It's amazing what you find on the Web these days. While doing a little search engine optimisation for I came across a forum post on a strangely named forum SongofthePaddle, a site and forum dedicated to those with a love of, or an interest in, open canoes and canoeing.

Looking through the post a canoeist in November 2012 on a 3 day, 2 night canoeing trip had spotted a large 'ship/boat' named Wye something just outside Hereford and was asking for information about it. Several posters had given information about the Wye Invader and the last post, in February 2013 was by someone who spotted Wye Invader in Monmouth and again asking what had happened to her.

Joining the forum I was able to add some information about the website but, as a new poster I wasn't allowed to post any links to the site, very kindly a regular forum member posted the direct website link for me and in just 2 days the website had over 200 page views just from the single post and many views on the Wye Invader YouTube website!

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